The authors of a new book share their predictions for the coming world of work
Workforce Management

Tips for Brave New World of Job Search
By Joyce Lain Kennedy Tribune Media Services

“Here’s a quick self-check of whether you’ve got barnacles hanging off the sides of your brain: Google “How Millennial Are You? By Jeanne C. Meister,” who is the co-author of the book The 2020 Workplace. Her blog includes a link to a Pew Research Center quiz. I’m not telling what my score was, but it lit a match under me.”

Social Learning Unleashed
By Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd
Chief Learning Office Magazine

“Reinvented, redefined and reimagined, social learning has the potential not only to shape tomorrow’s enterprise, but also to powerfully enhance workforce performance.”

Mentoring Millennials
Harvard Business Review

The 2020 Workplace Rated 9 out of 10
Inc Magazine, June 2010 Issue

(Four Lattes)
T+D Review

Starred Review of The 2020 Workplace
Library Journal

Anyone interested in building a workplace comfortable to the upcoming connected and techie generation should find ideas worth exploring here.

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