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Integrating Tech into Learning: Questions from K-12

As the school year begins in earnest, teachers and administrators consider how to use technology to enhance and deepen learning.

The National Education Association and the State Educational Technology Directors Association offer these key questions about ways to integrate technology into learning, adapted here for consideration for workplace learning:

  • What tools and technologies will help our learners/employees create, collaborate and communicate better?
  • How can employees learn with technology the way that they already live with their technology — especially Millennial employees?
  • What is the appropriate role of the web, social media, mobile technologies, interactive white-boards, etc., in today’s classroom?
  • What are the digital literacies that have to be incorporated for the ways we work, learn and communicate in the workplace? (For more on digital literacies, see

[FROM: Create! Communicate! Collaborate!: The 21st-century learner is hereā€“is your classroom ready? - By Mark Stevens - NEA Today, Summer 2011]

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