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10 Resources on Gaming and Learning

Today, members of the Future Workplace’s CLO Innovation Network will learn “Why Learning Should be More Like Gaming” in a webinar with Aaron Dignan, author of The Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success. He will share why learning should look more like gaming and why work should look more like play — plus, how organizations can adopt a “game frame” to the way they do learning. Aaron is the founding partner of the digital strategy firm Undercurrent. Find more at, on Twitter @aarondignan, and in a Creativity in Play interview with Aaron on “Why the Future of Work is Play.”

Here are 10 resources about gaming and learning:

  1. Aaron Dignan – Game Frame
  2. Improving the Way We Design Games for Learning by Examining How Popular Video Games Teach – July 2011
  3. A New Day for Corporate Learning – By A. J. Ripin – Training Magazine
  4. My Marriott Hotel Opens its Doors on Facebook: Marriott Uses Social Media Gaming to Help Attract Tens of Thousands of Employees
  5. If All of Work Were Gamified – By Saul Kaplan – Harvard Business Review Blog
  6. The Gamification of Jihad – WNYC’s On the Media
  7. Good Video Games and Good Learning – By James Paul Gee
    16 learning principles that good games, across a board spectrum of genres, incorporate
  8. Gamification Wiki
  9. Games for Learning Institute – New York University // Games for Change
  10. DiGRA: The Digital Games Research Association

What resources on gaming and learning in organizations do YOU recommend?

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    1. Nice list. I just wrote a blog article today about gamification, outlining achievements, other mechanics, and cautions.

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