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Brian Banmiller of CBS Reviews “The 2020 Workplace”


Brian Baniller of Banmiller on Business and a well noted broadcast journalist for CBS has an excellent review of The 2020 Workplace.  The entire review can be read here on Banmiller’s blog, but we’ve pulled out some insightful tidbits to highlight.

These days retirement seems out of reach, so if you’re going to be working for the next ten years don’t you want a sneak peek at your future workplace?

According to [the authors] employees of the future will appreciate more employment development and advancement opportunities than they have at any point in the last 30 years. But the big pay-off only comes if you start to develop the skills that will serve you tomorrow, today.

For example, build up your personal brand. These days your name is all over the internet and social networking can easily track your personal ratings, referrals and reputation. A simple search of your name should not reveal a reason to keep you from a paycheck. And social technology is only going to grow as the years go by. So whether you Twitter or Skype, know what’s out there and know how to use it.

While Banmiller goes on to list the ten main factors that will affect the future workplace, as noted in the book – defining each concept and explaining the benefits that they will bring to workers of both the Boomer and Millennial generations:
  1. Demographics
  2. Rise of Business Ethics
  3. Social Technology
  4. Mobile Workplace
  5. Work/Life Flexibility
  6. Serious Play
  7. Mentoring
  8. Democratization of Information
  9. Personal Branding
  10. Talent Shortage

He goes on to state that he sees three main ways to prepare for the workplace of the future.  The first is to “adopt a global mindset” and then follow up by becoming familiar with current social networks and building a personal brand, arguably the most important aspect of assimilating into the social media based workplace of tomorrow.

What issues are at the forefront of your mind while you prepare for tomorrow’s workplace and which resonate more with your organization?  Are there certain factors that seem to hold more weight for Boomers versus Millennials?

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