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I quickly get a sense of what is resonating with my blog posts by the response in emails on the blog and calls to me personally.

Well, the CEO as a Blogger talked about how forward thinking CEO’s are blogging and the role HR and Learning senior executives must have to ensure the CEO as a Blogger is a success. Details are described in the post.

So when I watched NBC nightly news interview with Bill Marriott, the CEO of Marriott International, I was very interested as he described his process for blogging and then I was really amazed when he shared that his blog called Marriott on the Move has been responsible for over $4 million in incremental bookings to a Marriott property since the inception of Bill’s blog in January, 2007. There are now 60 CEO’s among the Fortune 500 who are blogging. Is your CEO one of those? IF not should he/she be?

The NBC story featured 2 CEO blogs, Marriott and Coca-Cola’s, as examples of how CEO’s are establishing these blogs to communicate openly and honestly with customers and key stakeholders.

But the story gets better because in the case of Bill Marriott, it turns out he either writes his blog posts in long hand, or dictates them and they are then transcribed and entered onto the blog. In Bill’s own blog he shares in detail how he partners with his communications specialist to create the blog which is posted on an Awareness platform and how he reads customer comments and stays in touch…

But here is a question for our Human Resources and Learning readers: If your CEO is blogging, are you involved in this along with your Head of communications? I see the lines blurring between enterprise learning initiatives and corporate communications initiatives, and all too often the HR and Learning executives are not being proactive enough to partner with other internal stakeholders. It should not be just the Head of Corporate Communications identifying and helping to launch new initiatives like the CEO as Chief Blogger. By being involved in these type of initiatives, you can:

  1. learn first hand what your CEO is thinking
  2. learn about what your customers want more of in terms of new products and services
  3. be associated with a leading edge initiative that in the case of Marriott, has led to adding $4 million in new bookings.

Share your first hand experiences here for many to learn from…

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  1. Interesting topic, Jeanne. Thanks for sharing it.

    I believe “who the blogger is” to be less important for the audience than “what they have to say” and “how they say it.”

    At EMC, we have about 20 official corporate bloggers — i.e. those found on the company’s web site (www.emc.com). There, differing audiences will experience the “real deal” views of people commenting on particular product lines; environmental/green computing approaches; the company’s culture and brand as a place to work; social media practices; views on new workplace dynamics; technology to look out for; and more.

    If the CEO can be fully transparent and have something interesting to say to the socially networked world — go for it! If it is a “forced fit” today, I believe the best direction is to let someone with a natural passion and inclination to blog take the lead.

    Web 2.0 is about leadership at every level. If we look only to the CEO for leadership today, we’re missing the boat.

    IMHO. :)

    Polly Pearson
    VP Employment Brand and Strategy Engagement, EMC Corp.
    http://www.pollypearson.com/; http://www.linkedin.com/in/pollypearson

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